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Click on the teacher’s last name for their classroom websites, if available.

Last Name First Name Email Address Ext. Department
Baughey LeighAnne 3410 Science
Braswell Derrick 3150 Band
Braswell Sarah 3108 Lang Arts
Brunette Chris 3413 Science
Chalfant Diane 3151 Choir
DeLaVega Jenna 3116 Spanish
Ferguson Jeremiah 3109 S. Studies
Giordano Gina 3119 Lang Arts
Haney Renee 3110 Con Science
Hardwick Karen 3314 Secretary
Hedman Angie 3145 Art
Hochstetler John 3011 Physical Ed
Howell Pam 3003 Physical Ed
King Joyce 3107 S. Studies
Lamb Carol 3120 ISR
Lewis Brian 3408 Mathematics
Landis Andrea 3026 Support Staff
Landis Chris 3312 AD
Marquell Nick 3146 Science
Medler Pat 3113 Math
Merkle Stephen 3313 Language Arts
Murray Brook 3313 Treasurer
Nunley Kate 3406 Special Ed
Pietz Vicki 3147 Science
Proctor Preston 3114 S. Studies
Ritchie Scott 3316 Principal
Robinson Ben 3141 Plato
Swift Elizabeth 3332 Registrar
Shumaker Trisha 3409 Mathematics
Summers Holly 3118 Mathematics
Taylor Anne 3331 Guidance
Terrell Todd 3106 Lang. Arts
Tipple Kirby 3315 A. Principal
Thomas Kathy 3121 French
VanPelt Sarah 3115 Mathematics
Warren Ruth 3111 Lang Arts
Weiler Jim 3148 Agriculture
Willmann Madison 3405 Special Ed
Wines Alanna 3144 Transition Supervisor
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