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Click on the teacher’s last name for their classroom websites, if available.

Last Name First Name Email Address Ext. Department
Baughey LeighAnne [email protected] 3410 Science
Braswell Derrick [email protected] 3150 Band
Braswell Sarah [email protected] 3108 Lang Arts
Brunette Chris [email protected] 3413 Science
Chalfant Diane [email protected] 3151 Choir
DeLaVega Jenna [email protected] 3116 Spanish
Ferguson Jeremiah [email protected] 3109 S. Studies
Giordano Gina [email protected] 3119 Lang Arts
Haney Renee [email protected] 3110 Con Science
Hardwick Karen [email protected] 3314 Secretary
Hedman Angie [email protected] 3145 Art
Hochstetler John [email protected] 3011 Physical Ed
Howell Pam [email protected] 3003 Physical Ed
King Joyce [email protected] 3107 S. Studies
Lamb Carol [email protected] 3120 ISR
Lewis Brian [email protected] 3408 Mathematics
Landis Andrea [email protected] 3026 Support Staff
Landis Chris [email protected] 3312 AD
Marquell Nick [email protected] 3146 Science
Medler Pat [email protected] 3113 Math
Merkle Stephen [email protected] 3313 Language Arts
Murray Brook [email protected] 3313 Treasurer
Nunley Kate [email protected] 3406 Special Ed
Pietz Vicki [email protected] 3147 Science
Proctor Preston [email protected] 3114 S. Studies
Ritchie Scott [email protected] 3316 Principal
Robinson Ben [email protected] 3141 Plato
Swift Elizabeth [email protected] 3332 Registrar
Shumaker Trisha [email protected] 3409 Mathematics
Summers Holly [email protected] 3118 Mathematics
Taylor Anne [email protected] 3331 Guidance
Terrell Todd [email protected] 3106 Lang. Arts
Tipple Kirby [email protected] 3315 A. Principal
Thomas Kathy  [email protected] 3121 French
VanPelt Sarah [email protected] 3115 Mathematics
Warren Ruth [email protected] 3111 Lang Arts
Weiler Jim [email protected] 3148 Agriculture
Willmann Madison [email protected] 3405 Special Ed
Wines Alanna [email protected] 3144 Transition Supervisor
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