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Last Name First Name Email Address Ext. Department
Bailey Jeannie [email protected] 4082 Speech
Bly Amanda [email protected] 4078 Music
Bolton Melissa [email protected] 4493 Nurse
Braun Mackenzi [email protected] 4072 Kindergarten
Braun Ross [email protected] 4061 5th/6th SS
Burris Brandy [email protected] 4081 Library
Chamness Brent [email protected] 4054 5th/6th Science
Childress Jama  [email protected]
3109 S. Studies
Cooper Erin [email protected] 4430 SpedEd Coord.
Corder Karen [email protected] 4497 Secretary
Davis Shae [email protected] 4063 5th/6th English
DeBoy Kyle [email protected] 4064 5th/6th Math
Delaney Amanda [email protected] 4033 3rd Grade
Garrett Crystal [email protected] 4041 4th Grade
Gunn Fred [email protected] 4095 Computers
Holaday Cheyenne [email protected] 4002 Kindergarten
Howell Diane [email protected] 4499 Guidance
Keesling Jill [email protected] 4012 1st Grade
Koch Tracy [email protected] 4079 Art
Kritsch Christa [email protected] 4014 1st Grade
Marshall Brittany [email protected] 4406 Secretary
Miller Melissa  [email protected] 4483 Treasurer
Morgan Sarah [email protected] 4044 Special Ed
Morris Heidi [email protected] 4031 3rd Grade
Morrison Laura [email protected] 4032 3rd Grade
Moulton Lesley  [email protected]
4496 Assistant Principal
Newton Laurie [email protected] 4021 2nd Grade
Northcutt Julie [email protected] 4494 Principal
Pease Willie [email protected] 4043 4th Grade
Pugsley Dayne [email protected] 4001 Kindergarten
Saulmon Taryn [email protected] 4062 5th/6th Reading
Shields Laura [email protected] 4013 1st Grade
Shoptaw Phyllis [email protected] 4034 3rd Grade
Sites Jennifer [email protected] 4024 2nd Grade
Swallow Bruce [email protected] 4042 4th Grade
Thornburg Joan [email protected] 4022 2nd Grade
Thornton Mika [email protected] 4071 Kindergarten
Vegh Jacquelyn [email protected] 4077/4092 Spec. Ed
Wright Angie [email protected] 4023 2nd Grade
Wuthrich Anne [email protected] 4011 1st Grade
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