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Last Name First Name Email Address Ext. Department
Bailey Jeannie 4082 Speech
Bly Amanda 4078 Music
Bolton Melissa 4493 Nurse
Braun Mackenzi 4072 Kindergarten
Braun Ross 4061 5th/6th SS
Burris Brandy 4081 Library
Chamness Brent 4054 5th/6th Science
Childress Jama
3109 S. Studies
Cooper Erin 4430 SpedEd Coord.
Corder Karen 4497 Secretary
Davis Shae 4063 5th/6th English
DeBoy Kyle 4064 5th/6th Math
Delaney Amanda 4033 3rd Grade
Garrett Crystal 4041 4th Grade
Gunn Fred 4095 Computers
Holaday Cheyenne 4002 Kindergarten
Howell Diane 4499 Guidance
Keesling Jill 4012 1st Grade
Koch Tracy 4079 Art
Kritsch Christa 4014 1st Grade
Marshall Brittany 4406 Secretary
Miller Melissa 4483 Treasurer
Morgan Sarah 4044 Special Ed
Morris Heidi 4031 3rd Grade
Morrison Laura 4032 3rd Grade
Moulton Lesley
4496 Assistant Principal
Newton Laurie 4021 2nd Grade
Northcutt Julie 4494 Principal
Pease Willie 4043 4th Grade
Pugsley Dayne 4001 Kindergarten
Saulmon Taryn 4062 5th/6th Reading
Shields Laura 4013 1st Grade
Shoptaw Phyllis 4034 3rd Grade
Sites Jennifer 4024 2nd Grade
Swallow Bruce 4042 4th Grade
Thornburg Joan 4022 2nd Grade
Thornton Mika 4071 Kindergarten
Vegh Jacquelyn 4077/4092 Spec. Ed
Wright Angie 4023 2nd Grade
Wuthrich Anne 4011 1st Grade
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