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1st Quarter “Raise the Roof on Attendance” Challenge

Assistant Principal Tipple challenged each grade by offering to spend a day on the roof of the school for each grade that could average 95% attendance or better for the nine weeks.
Here are the results:

1st place with 97.5% attendance – the 8th grade
2nd place with 95.8% attendance – the 9th grade
3rd place with 95.7% attendance – the Seniors
4th place with 95.5% attendance – the 7th grade
5th place with 95.5% attendance – the 10th grade
6th place with 93.9% attendance – the Juniors

Mr. Tipple began his 5 day stay on the morning of Monday, October 9th and plans to stay there until Friday evening, only coming down for periodic restroom breaks and showers. However, with the use of technology, it is “business as usual” for Mr. Tipple, as he is able to work and communicate with staff, students and parents using his Chromebook, Cellphone, and Walkie Talkie.
Mr. Tipple says that his challenge has several purposes. One was to challenge students to be at school. He believes that first step in academic success is consistent attendance. Secondly, he wanted to show the community that we have great students at Monroe Central. “Too often it is the negative side of students that gets reported to the community. We have a lot of GREAT students, doing a lot of GREAT things at Monroe Central. To have 5 classes average over 95% attendance for the quarter is absolute incredible.”
Finally, by sticking to his promise, Mr. Tipple hopes to model character. “I believe students need to know that you should do what you say you will do. Be a person of character. I promised I would stay on the roof a day for each class that met the challenge, and that is what I am doing.”
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